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POS Ordering System: Take orders on the phone easily

Create orders in your system without the hassle and auto-complete information.

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Create Orders in a Few Clicks

In Ordering Editor, you get the chance to create orders. All you need is to select the business, choose the products, and proceed to checkout out to finish the order.

Save customer info with their number

By just clicking one button, all the information that was previously saved will come up at the time of checkout.

Includes the name, phone number & more information related to the customer.

Get in your Ordering Editor

Please get in the Ordering Editor & try it out, use these credentials and see the video to see how to log in
Password: super
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Live Web Sound Notifications

Every incoming order will send a Push Notification to your Ordering Editor where you can manage the orders; this way, no order will get left behind.

Get in touch with the Ordering Team and start today.

Live Demos