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For Startups

Start your marketplace in a few steps with the best tech.
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For Grocery Stores

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For Food Franchises

Handle multiple locations simultaneously with a scalable and reliable technology.
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For Cloud Kitchens

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For Enterprise

Tailor-made cost-effective e-commerce solution that's built for your growth.
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For Last-mile Delivery

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Everything you need to start selling online.

Perfect for Marketplaces, Franchises & Single Stores.

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100% Customizable
White-Labeled Solution
iOS & Android Apps
Clean & Elegant Design
Easy to Use
Your Brand
High Speed
Real-Time Tracking

Join the world's top brands selling online.

Explore all the products and features they use every day. Literally, they are our customers.

Address 1-min
Ordering Website 2.0

Set up your stores in minutes
and start selling with your brand E-commerce website.
Mobile-Friendly E-commerce Website
This is a high-tech, friendly e-commerce website. We have the latest in software and design to give you an immersive experience through any screen size or device your customer uses.
Custom Domain
Set up your domain on your website and make it a trustworthy and professional business.
With top enterprise tech and by being hosted with Amazon, your e-commerce website is sure to include stable hosting. Plus you'll never have any downtime because of reliable servers that are always on!
Customizable Template
Bring your brand online with customizable responsive
Customer App 2.0

Selling using Apps has never been easier.
iOS & Android App
Get your business in the most popular App Stores.
Easy Ordering
Allow your customers to view all your products, complete the order and follow a driver in real-time in less than 3 minutes.
No coding required
With one click, you can update your app with new features. We give you the tools to completely customize it and get it on the market in less than a week!
Communication is key
Keep your customers updated in real-time, with push notifications and real-time messaging.
Payment-Gateway-min (1)
Payment Gateways & Checkout
Secure Checkouts, Always.
Securely accept credit cards, Paypal, cash, card on delivery, or any payment process of your preference.
Saved Credit cards
Allow your customers to fast checkout by selecting one card, instead of writing everything again.
Payment Processors
Your solution will have integrated PayPal and Stripe from the beginning, if you need to add any other, it can be done too.
Smart Checkout
Before each order completion, your customer's cart, tip, address, payment method, and everything related to the order will get validated, even stock inventory.
Real-time Order Tracking
Allow your customer to track the order status with your Ordering Website & Native Ordering Apps, by following the driver in real-time moving on a map.

Keep in contact with the driver all the time during delivery.
Increase your Sales
Marketing Push Notifications
Interactive push notifications keep shoppers coming back for more. Use real-time communication to generate a steady stream of sales.
Allow your customers to order from days in advance.
Save your customers time and let them choose between past orders, just one click and the order is on its way.
Coupons & Discounts
Give your customers a little gift from time to time, they’ll appreciate it.
Just before checkout, allow customers to add something else to their cart with a single click.
Ordering Kiosk 2.0

The self-service option for your clients.

Save time & money, allow customers to order themselves.
No more line-busting
Simplify the ordering process inside your store. Allow your customers to select what they want to purchase without human interaction.
Made with the highest technology, this intuitive and modern Kiosk will show all of your products and services, and allow your customer to pay, right there. 
Speed up your delivery time
Not only you'll be giving the customers a new experience, but you'll increase kitchen productivity by getting orders from not-in-line customers.
Group 212-min
Call Center
Take orders over the phone too.
Give your customers another alternative to order your products or services.
High Tech, Simple Interaction
Agents will take orders over the phone, and create the order for your customers in just a few minutes, using this friendly and intuitive software.
Give Recommendations
Give your customers previous orders options, directions, and even up-sell to generate an extra income, on every order.
Saved Phones
Keep a register of all your clients, create new ones and create a more familiar and specialized customer experience.
Group 21-min-1
Whatsapp Ordering

Use Whatsapp to order anything.
Connect the most popular worldwide app with your Ordering system, and allow customers to order directly from it.
Reach everyone
Whatsapp is in 180 countries, with 60 different languages, over 2 billion users are using it. Start selling your products via Whatsapp.
Give the right answers, without typing
A trustworthy BOT that is previously programmed with answers will interact with your customers all the way until the order is created.
Do it like the big ones
Start your Multi-Stores Platform today.
At Ordering, we've created everything software-wise to get you in a high enterprise level to create the new big delivery solution.
Start Selling Online with Ordering
Create your project with us, and start using all the tools you need to start growing your business.

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