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Worldwide franchises and huge brands use

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Empowering independent restaurants, startups, SMBs, franchises, and big enterprises everywhere.


Stores Created and Launched worldwide.

Over 100

Countries are using our technology, so far.

Billions $$

In sales, thanks to our platform.

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Delivery Automation with real-time tracking.
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The best Online Ordering products to increase sales.
Automate marketing campaigns and offers.
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Increase recurring revenue with Loyalty Programs.
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Gather insights for your business intelligence.
High-Converting Checkout to boost your sales +150%.

Why start with Ordering?

Let's be honest ⎯ not having an online presence is like showing up to a race with a bicycle when everyone else has a car.

This is where "Ordering" comes in.

Ordering is like the most "advanced car" that helps you win every race with the best Online Ordering multi-stores and multi-channel solutions, Delivery Automation for in-house drivers or external delivery companies, Marketing & Loyalty tools, Business Intelligence insights, and so much more.

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Having an all-in-one solution is the secret to brand growth.

It’s the difference between the 2,499,999,999 websites that don’t make money, and the .00000003% that do!

Without All-in-one Platform

❌ No customers

❌ No sales

❌ Confusing Buying Process

❌ Sad customers and confused drivers


Increase Online & In-store orders.

Advanced Marketing & Loyalty programs.

Enable and automate deliveries.

Just happiness and smiles

Why start with Ordering?

We're proud to say that our customers love our product and for good reason - our competitors are lagging far behind us in terms of the usability and features that we provide.
Get up and running quickly: With our out-of-the-box solution, you can start selling your products online without the hassle of building your own e-commerce platform from scratch. Even for custom solutions, you can build anything on our platform in record times.
By choosing a company that is trusted by the biggest brands, you can be confident that you are working with a reputable and reliable partner that can help you achieve your business goals.
We are committed to continuing to build the future of local commerce. Innovation is core in our DNA and we are the market leaders creating the best solutions for companies that want to increase their sales while reducing their costs.


Online Ordering System for Your Business Growth

If you run a restaurant, store, startup, marketplace, franchise, or enterprise, you can create your online ordering platform with built-in marketing, loyalty, and delivery technology. platform enables you to offer on-demand delivery services for your products or services, regardless of your company's current stage or size.

But wait, there's more, is much more...

With, you'll get access to a set of tools to promote, sell, manage, and automate the distribution of your products/services online successfully.

Ordering Suite is...
Your selling solution

Multi-channel and Multi-stores Ordering solutions optimized to sell more with our intuitive, high-performance tools for online and in-store success.

With the Ordering suite, you'll get
Ordering Website
Customer Native Apps
Self-ordering Kiosk Native Apps
Call Center Ordering Software replaces:

Uber-Eats-Logo   OLO-76519241   800px-ChowNow_logo.svg  Gloriafood   bentobox-logo-soy-white-bg_1  

Shopify_logo_2018.svg   Wix.com_website_logo.svg

Over 85% in order fees savings with us.

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Delivery Suite is...
Your delivery solution

You can easily manage and streamline your delivery operations with advanced on-demand delivery tools and logistics features.

With the Delivery suite, you'll get
Native Apps for Drivers
Delivery Automation and Auto-assignment.
Deliver with 3rd Party Companies (Doordash Drive, Lalamove, and more)
Delivery Dashboard
Real-time tracking replaces:

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More than 65% by delivery job in savings with us.

Delivery Suite Orderingco-min

Marketing Suite is...
Your marketing solution

Easily automate your marketing and sales with engaging discounts and coupons.

With the Marketing & Loyalty suite, you'll get
Advanced / Enterprise Offers
Hyper-personalized promotions and coupons

Cart Recovery Automation
Landing Pages for stores and products
Loyalty Levels (similar to Starbucks stars)

Cash and Points Wallets

SEO tools
Customers CRM replaces:

HubSpot-Logo-min   Mailchimp_Logo-Horizontal_Black   20200205075956-sparkfly-logo punchh-logo-color      LevelUp_logo.svg

Sell 5x more and 80% or more in savings with our out-of-the-box Marketing & Loyalty tools.

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Management & Business Intelligence suite is...
The most powerful manager for your business

Easily manage products, stores, and operations while gaining powerful data insights for successful growth strategies and campaigns.

With the Management & Business Intelligence suite, you'll get
All-in-one Dashboard
Real-time messages

Native Apps for orders management
Advanced Reports and BI
Invoicing tools replaces:
craftable    restaurant365-logo

Save +80% of your time with our user-friendly platform, designed for effortless navigation and maximum efficiency.

Business Intelligence Suite Orderingco-min

Developers & Integrations Suite is...
Your freedom to make your ideas happen

Expand your capabilities with our API and third-party integrations, and unlock new business opportunities.

With the Developers & Integrations suite, you'll get
Fully documented API (+400 endpoints)
Plugins and Webhooks
POS integrations

Payment Gateways
+5,000 Apps with Zapier
3rd Party Marketplaces
Delivery Companies
Headless Commerce and Logistics

Ordering Integrates with:
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  PaypalIntegrations-1    stripe   2560px-Zapier_logo.svg  toast-pos-min

Save money and time, go to market in days not months, and build anything on top of our Ordering platform.

Integrations Suite Orderingco-min

Solutions for Custom Projects.

Our experts can understand your project better than any other company. works with the biggest brands in the world, like Starbucks, Domino's, and many others.

We can help you get your tailor-made local commerce project with the best online ordering, marketing, and delivery solutions.

Trust a platform that has generated Billions of dollars in revenue for its customers. Get your solution ready in record time.

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Perfect for any business type

Focus on your customers, not your technology. Go to market fast, increase your sales, and decrease your costs. Manage multiple brands and locations with a consistent brand identity across all locations.
We are your growth partner in your journey to success, we are ready to give you the most reliable cost-effective tailor-made e-commerce solution.
Start your on-demand business with the most powerful solution to get your business up and running quickly.

Increase your sales with our Marketing and Loyalty suites. Streamline your online orders and delivery operations with our Delivery Automation solutions.
Development Agencies
Our Integrations and developers API and documentation suite is designed for development agencies to quickly and easily integrate our solution into your projects and provide a seamless experience to your clients.
Our white-label ordering solution is perfect for resellers who want to offer a branded online ordering solution to their clients without the hassle of building it themselves. has everything you need to succeed online

Innovation is key to staying ahead. We're constantly developing new features and tools to give your business the competitive edge it needs to stay on top.

Ordering Website & Apps

Ability to create unique and personalized features for a product or service.
Responsive Tools
Our technology is designed to be compatible with any device, regardless of its size or brand.
AWS Hosting
Everything is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), to ensure high performance, scalability, and reliability.
Ready-to-use solution that requires minimal customization before it can be deployed.
Intuitive & Fast UX

An intuitive and fast User Experience (UX) designed to make it easy for customers to interact with the product or service.

Orders Management

You'll work in a centralized system to manage and track customer orders, ensuring timely delivery.

Advanced Reporting

Acquire detailed and comprehensive reporting to track your business's performance and identify areas for improvement.


What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get, Ordering works with a visual editor that enables users to create and edit content in real time.

Easy-to-use Platform

We are a user-friendly platform that is simple to navigate, operate and maintain.

Intuitive Configurations

Easy-to-use configurations to make the necessary changes to the product or service quickly.

Real-time Tracking

Capability to provide real-time updates on the delivery status to the customers and the business.

Proof of Delivery

Ability to provide evidence of delivery to ensure that the right package is delivered to the right person.

Delivery Automation

Automation of the delivery process, reducing manual intervention and errors based on your brand's criteria, as specific as required.

Routing Optimized

Efficient routing algorithms optimize the delivery routes, saving time and resources.

3rd Party Delivery Companies

Integrate with third-party delivery companies to provide efficient and reliable delivery options to customers.

For any Business

We can cater to any industry or market segment, such as food, retail, hospitality, etc.

Supports any Size

We can handle any size of customer base, from small businesses to large corporations.

100% Customizable Storefronts

Flexibility to fully customize the online store's appearance, branding, and functionality to meet the business's specific needs.

We'll guide you every step of the way.

The Ordering support team is fully prepared to guide the entire process, up until the launch of your online business.

• Guided Onboarding
• LiveChat
• Ordering University (Youtube Channel)
• Knowledge Base (Self-service)
• Custom work
• Specialized Sales Account Manager


Frequently Asked Questions

What is, and how does it work? is the best all-in-one platform for local-commerce from restaurants to stores or marketplaces.

Here are just a few things you can do with

  • Create and customize an online store and native apps to increase your sales.
  • Manage orders in real-time, products, inventory, payments, delivery zones, and delivery with in-house drivers or external delivery companies.
  • Create special discounts, coupons, and loyalty campaigns.
Do you offer White-Labeled solutions?

Yes, we do offer white-labeled solutions. Our fully documented API allows development agencies and resellers to quickly and easily get up and running with our 100% white-label ordering solution. This means you can brand our platform as your own, offering a seamless experience for your customers without having to invest time and resources in building your own ordering system from scratch.

Our white-labeled solution is ideal for businesses of all types and sizes looking to enhance their online presence and streamline their ordering and management processes. With's white-label solution, you can focus on what matters most: providing an exceptional experience for your customers while we take care of the technology behind the scenes.

Will you be there to help?
Yes, of course! Our support team will answer all your questions. Our moto is "Customer Success". We will help you to get the most out of Ordering.
Are there any commissions?
No, we only charge a very small transaction fee for orders and delivery jobs. We have plans available to save even more.

For enterprises/companies, prices are optimized for your success, even with unlimited transactions options without fees; please contact our sales team.

Can I cancel my account at any time?
Yes, if you ever decide that isn’t the best online ordering or logistics platform for your business, simply cancel your account.
Who owns my data?
You do. Ordering will never claim to own the rights to your data. In fact, if you ever want to cancel your account, you can request all your data be exported and sent to you.
In what countries can I use
You can use in every country in the world.
Can I change my design?
Of course! has built the tools so that you can personalize your website and apps with your branding.
Can I use my domain name?
Of course, we always thrive your business to succeed, and branding is one of the most important, so get your domain in your ordering website at no cost. We also provide everyone a forever free domain name when they sign up.
Where can I find tutorials & guides?
We keep adding articles and information about our Ordering products to our knowledge base. From quick guides to tips & advice, our knowledge base has everything you need to start your business with us. Click here to visit our knowledge base.
Do I get free web hosting and API access?
Yes, includes secure, unlimited hosting and API access on all plans.
Do you offer any discounts?
Yes, offers discounts for companies and enterprises that can commit to 12, 24, or 36 months plans.