Delivery Suite Everything you need to start delivering today.

Take control of your delivery operation with On-demand delivery tools and advanced logistic features.

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Trusted by dispatchers managing +100k daily deliveries

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Delivery done right

Automate your daily delivery operations and logistics.

Every tool and feature is created to deliver every order on time.

• Real-time tracking.
• Proof of delivery.
• Auto assignment features.
• Route optimization.
• In-App & Push Notifications.
• Responsive desktop tools.
• iOS & Android Apps.


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Endless Possibilities

Add as many drivers and delivery zones as required, and connect with as many third-party delivery companies as required.

The software and technology are 100% ready to support thousands of orders daily.

• Amazon Servers Hosting.
• Native Apps.
• Website tools built on the latest programming languages.


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These are all the tools and products you need to outperform competitors' deliveries.

Driver App

Your Driver's Best Companion.

Alters & Communication
This App continuously sends the real-time location of all drivers.

Know your next move
Once you change the status of an order, the App will tell your next go-to address.

Send real-time location
This App continuously sends the real-time location of all drivers.

Find the best route
Open up your favorite navigation app (Waze, Google Maps, Maps) and choose the best route.

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Delivery Dashboard

Track every delivery in one panel.

Track the progress of your drivers in the field. View where they've been, where they are, and what's their next move in real-time..

Real-time tracking
Manage all your drivers on a full-screen map, moving in real-time.

Easy Assignment
Assign orders to drivers with a single click.

Manage has never been easier
Get a full view of all orders, and control their progress.
Chat with drivers and customers in an easy-to-use messages window.


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Advanced Logistics

Plan Optimal rules for order assignment in minutes and start delivery.

Priorities & Time windows
Establish your fleet's time windows and priorities to deliver who's getting the order assigned and how urgent it is.

Custom ways to assign orders
Choose from a variant of methods to assign orders efficiently and automatically, such as; One by One, The Nearest Available, Batch Wise, and much more.

Group drivers
Create groups according to specialties; some drivers can take cash; some others can bring the card terminal directly to the customers.

Auto-assign Orders

Set up parameters for all the incoming orders to get assigned automatically.


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3rd Party Logistics Companies

Connect your Favorite Delivery Companies

Get a Backup Delivery Team
In case yours is full or doesn't exist, connect with the most reliable delivery companies worldwide.

Integrate with anyone
Ordering's API is open and suitable to connect with any big delivery company, like Uber, Lyft, Deliveroo, or any other.

Increase your sales with delivery
Don’t stop just because all of your drivers are busy; assign orders to other company drivers and keep selling all day long.


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Features to complete the delivery of your business

Specifically made to guarantee your success, just like Uber works.

Omnichannel Ordering
Advanced Product Options
Brand Manager
Multi Stores
3rd Party Marketplace
SEO Tools
Delivery & Logistics
Delivery with Artificial Intelligence
Real-time tracking
In - house Drivers
Landing Pages
Advanced Offers
+3,000 Integrations
Multi - Languages
3rd Party Payment Gateway
Messages & Communication
API, Plugin & Webhooks

More tools to route your business in the right direction

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Ordering Suite

 Sell across all channels with online, in-store intuitive, and high-performing technology.



Marketing & Loyalty

Reach more customers through SEO, promotions, recovery tools, landing pages and more.


Business Intelligence

Control your orders, stores, menus, drivers, users, reviews, marketing, reports, and messages.



Integrate your Delivery Platform to get things done, Analytics, Finances, Reports & more like 5,000+ more.