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For Startups

Start your marketplace in a few steps with the best tech.
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For Grocery Stores

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For Food Franchises

Handle multiple locations simultaneously with a scalable and reliable technology.
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For Cloud Kitchens

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For Enterprise

Tailor-made cost-effective e-commerce solution that's built for your growth.
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For Last-mile Delivery

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Get notifications, emails, prints
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Not a single order will get missed.


Where can I see my orders? Easy

You have over three ways to find this out, let us explain a little more.

Use the Power of your Ordering Editor

On your Editor, you can see all the incoming orders; the platform will inform you in a push notification inside the order manager panel every time there is a new order.
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Notifications all day long in all your Apps

On Your Ordering App, Business App, Delivery App &
Single Business App, keep track of all the incoming status; all you need to do is tap on the order and follow up.
Are you looking to give your customers a better User Experience?
Check how your customers will get informed about their order being close to arrive →
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Email Notifications

On your Ordering Editor, all you need to do is set up the email
Where you are going to get all the incoming orders, and that is it!
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Push Notifications in your Delivery Dashboard

Now you can see all the status of the orders with fancy push notifications on your Delivery Dashboard, no order will get missing, and the delivery will get done correctly.
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New Notification Channels

With all the technology nowadays, you
can convert your PDF orders into fax sheets, search for an Email To Fax Application, this can be done thanks to our Zapier integration
Get SMS in your devices in the most natural way possible and get everything under control from your device. This can be done thanks to our Zapier integration.
GPRS Printers
With the GPRS printers integration, you will be able to see the Orders in a paper; sometimes this can be very helpful for those in the kitchen.
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Zapier + Ordering

More than 1,000 apps are already there for you to use it in your Ordering Platform to get things done, Analytics, Finances, Reports & like 1,000+ more to go
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For TeamWork Interface
The Best Management
Google Sheets
Google Sheets
Paperwork Online
Google Cloud
Google Cloud Printers
To Print Anything

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