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For Startups

Start your marketplace in a few steps with the best tech.
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For Grocery Stores

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For Food Franchises

Handle multiple locations simultaneously with a scalable and reliable technology.
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For Cloud Kitchens

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For Enterprise

Tailor-made cost-effective e-commerce solution that's built for your growth.
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For Last-mile Delivery

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Ordering Website

Give your e-commerce website a new and styled look.

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Wondering what are the advantages of our new Ordering Website 2.0?

This website is made on the highest and more advanced technology worldwide, one of the best tech stacks for building dynamic & engaging web interfaces, and triumphs over other javascript frameworks like angular and ember.

 Easy to use, developer-friendly.
 Reusable components, time-saving.
 Established a Vibrant ecosystem of Developer tools.
 Unique Abstraction Layer, users can't access the complex internals.

Styled and Innovative new design for your Ordering Process.

Business Listing
Show off your restaurants and business the right way.


Business Menu
Full-Screen and Modern Products Layout.


Product View
Better resolution, seamless product option selection.

ProductIngredients 1-min

Floating Cart
Easy interaction with the cart as a pop-up, in one click.
Save as many carts as you like and pay one by one.



Brand New Checkout
Map displaying, payment options on sight, and showing essential details for ordering without confusion.



Confirmation Screen
Once the order is completed, this screen is your partner in crime, see status updates, messages, and evidence of your order in real-time


Give your customers only the best Ordering Website Experience.

Your orders will show arranged according to status and if they are active or completed when you click on them the full order detail will show, designed intuitively.
Also, on your customer's profile, they'll simply click on their address, change them, change profile picture, edit information, and more, just in a few clicks.

Improved Instant Messaging between Customer, Business & Drivers.

Communication and updates are key, that's why we've improved the way the messages are delivered, with a new style, easy-to-read format, clean, and of course, better performance on this ordering website.
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Our Ordering Sales Agents are ready for you.
Chat with them in just one click.



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Europe, Asia & Africa.


Sales Agent

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USA & Latin America.


Sales Agent

LetsChat-min-minTime zone:
Asia, Africa & Australia.

Are you ready to increase your sales?

Download our PDF with the full Ordering Web 2.0 documentation.

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