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Easily gather all the essential restaurant details in minutes, including products, menus, images, schedules, delivery zones, descriptions, and any other information you may have.

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Why Ordering Network

Why Ordering Network?

At Ordering, we understand that time is money, especially in the fast-paced world of restaurant and store management.

That's why we've developed Ordering Network, a revolutionary feature to streamline your online store setup in the USA and Canada.

Say goodbye to complex configurations and hello to a faster, simpler way to get your business online.

● It works for now only in CANADA and USA
● Import millions of menus that exist already online
● Import product name, prices, product options, and images.
● Import addresses and payment methods.
● Start your business as a marketplace without any manual work for menus.
● Save thousands of dollars uploading menus or data scraping menus from other sites.

All menus are transferred in minutes.

The technology we have created to make this work takes information from all the internet with AI and allows your platform to acquire all the details on products, even the images, in just a few minutes.

Want to supercharge your marketplace? With our solution, you can effortlessly add stores within minutes and expand your service offerings.

Imagine the satisfaction of witnessing their fully prepared store, ready to thrive on both a Native App and Website.

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How it works


Enter your restaurant or store name.


Select your location from the list
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Look for your menu in the dropdown and select it.

In minutes, your menu will be imported with the latest information.
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Quickly review the menu images, names, prices, and everything related.

That's it.

Start promoting your restaurants, and continue expanding your marketplace.

Features and Benefits

With Ordering Network, you'll enjoy a swift menu setup process, saving you valuable time to focus on what matters most—your customers.

Instant Menu Setup
Time-Saving Convenience
Seamless Integration
Simplified Image Handling
Say goodbye to manual configurations and say hello to an effortless online presence.
Features and benefits

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