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Ordering Suite · The way to sell Online.

Ordering Website
Give your e-commerce website a new and styled look.

Improved Performance

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Customer App
Get your hyperlocal marketplace on a branded ordering app and sell anything.

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Single Store App
Get your store on a branded ordering app to sell all the products in your store.

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Management Suite
Control every aspect of your business within a few clicks.

Ordering Dashboard & Store App

We've all the technology your business requires to grow directly from one place.

● Control incoming orders.
● Messages dashboard.
● Upload and share menus between stores.
● Add specific delivery zones by store.
● Own your users' data.
● Get reports to sustain your marketing strategies.
● Control your fleet.
● Connect third party-payment gateways, external drivers, services, features, and much more.


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Store App

Control all incoming orders, assign drivers, review proof of delivery, and everything from your mobile device.

Looking for more information regarding our back-end functionalities?
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Delivery Suite · Deliver anything, anywhere, effortlessly.

Driver App
Your driver's best companion will guarantee every order to be delivered on time.

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Password: driver123

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Advanced Logistics
Delivery Automation for your business

 Set up parameters on which your orders will get assigned

‣ Automate your process

Drivers Group filtered by Payment Method

3rd Party Logistics Companies

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More Products for your Ordering Solution

Ordering Call center
Take orders over the phone too.
Give your customers another alternative to order your products or services.

High Tech, Simple Interaction
Give Recommendations
Saved Phones

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Ordering Kiosk
The self-service option for your clients.
Save time & money, and allow customers to order themselves.

No more line-busting
Speed up your delivery time

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Ordering POS
Take orders on the phone easily
Create orders in your system without the hassle and auto-complete information.

Create orders in a few clicks.
Speed up your user's experience.

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