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Orderig Suite-min-min
Ordering Suite · 
The way to sell Online.

Ordering Website 2021
Give your e-commerce website a new and styled look.

Improved Performance

Demo here

Learn more about Ordering Website 2021 →

Group 38877-min

Native Ordering Apps 2021
Start selling with your own iOS and Android apps Now.

iOS & Android.
No-coding required.
100% Customizable.



Learn more about Native Ordering Apps 2021 →



Ordering Call center
Take orders over the phone too.
Give your customers another alternative to order your products or services.

High Tech, Simple Interaction
Give Recommendations
Saved Phones

Learn more about Ordering Call Center →

Call Center 1 (1)-min

Ordering Kiosk
The self-service option for your clients.
Save time & money, allow customers to order themselves.

No more line-busting
Speed up your delivery time

Learn more about Ordering Kiosk →

Group 6-min-1

Delivery Suite-min-min
Delivery Suite ·
Deliver anything, anywhere, effortlessly.

Delivery Dashboard

Control all your deliveries and make sure all of your drivers are completing all orders on time.

Eagle Eye View.
Route Map Tracking.
Management of all incoming orders.

Make sure to log in with these credentials as a super admin, email: password: super.

Demo here

Learn more about Delivery Dashboard →

Group 38878-min

Delivery App
Apps for your driver to deliver all the orders.
Use these credentials to log in as a driver.
Project: demo
Password: driver

Download from AppStore (iOS)

Download from PlayStore (Android)

Demo here

Learn more about Delivery Ordering App →

Group 38879-min

Advanced Logistics 2.0 
Delivery Automation for your business

 Set up parameters on which your orders will get assigned

 Automate your process

Drivers Group filtered by Payment Method

3rd Party Logistics Companies

Learn more about Advanced Logistics 2.0 →

Group 196-min-1

Templates ·
Focused on making your business look good.

Home-min (1)
Your marketplace or single business with the hottest and trendy design.

Mobile Friendly

Banner & Images

Featured Stores & Items.

Explore Trendy Template →

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Your marketplace or single business with the hottest and modern design.

Mobile Friendly

Banner & Images

Featured Stores & Items.

Explore Modern Template →

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Super Market-Groceries
Perfect for supermarkets, the highest speed platform, loads thousands of products in seconds.

Mobile Friendly

Banner & Images

Featured Stores & Items.

Explore Modern Template →

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Customization Tools-min-min
Customization Tools ·
Design and build with your style.

Ordering Builder

Unique invention by Ordering.
In this particular tool, you can edit the layout of your Apps & Website, add third-party information and even build a QR code that will allow you to test the Apps on your devices before launching them in the stores.

Learn more about Ordering Builder →


Magement Suite-min-min

Control every aspect of your business within a few clicks.

Business App & Ordering Editor

Control all incoming orders, assign drivers, create products, track your drivers moving on a map, set up menus, payment gateways, and much more with these two management tools.

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