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Did you know that 7 out of 10 customers prefer to make their orders themselves?

Ordering Kiosk
completes that final step for each sale.

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More comfortable system at a safe distance.

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All your products within the reach of your customers.


Speedup your delivery time.

This gives you many benefits like:

- Line busting, Quicker Service for each customer.
- Increasing throughput in the production line.
- Increased ticket sizes by 30% (Who has not ordered a last minute ice cream?).
- Save time & money with a more agile and intuitive process.

Keep a safe distance with your clients due to the Covid-19 policies.
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User Friendly & Styled.
- Display your products in a very cool and understandable layout.

- Give your clients the chance to add new products or change the ingredients. 

- And give them and easy check out with a swipe or a tap, finally your client signs out its order and it's ready to go.
Do you want to know more about how kiosks work? Even better, try it.
Integrate on any software available & with the payment gateway you decide.





This prototype is an IPAD size, the actions will be shown inside a blue square. Enjoy it.




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The Ordering process for each individual might take about 5 minutes or less. 
Do not let them waste time in long lines to order, that's the past, this kiosk if your future.
It is as easy to use as you only need to download the app on your tablet, set it up nicely in your establishment, and that's it, start selling with Kiosk.

The Kiosk is seamlessly connected to all of your Ordering environment, your data is synced, don't do double the effort.
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