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Ordering Call Center

Your customer's happiness is key to grow your business.

Perfect and scalable tool for you to provide a better service to all of your customers.

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People can't go to your place?
Take their orders with the Call Center.

Offer them different forms of payment.
(Cash, Debit, credit).
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Take note of your customers' favorite orders
for when they call again.

Watch your sales increase
and new customers start to arrive.
With a Call Center you will get many benefits like:
- Better Sales
- Decreased Costs
- Great Customer Experience
- Improved Security
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User Friendly & Practical
- Keep a register of all the orders you receive.
- Save the address and favorite products of your clients for future orders.
- Have a more personal contact with your clients.
- offer them a practical alternative to make their orders.


Do you want to know more about how kiosks work? Even better, try it.

Open React Call Center Demo
Log in with these credentials | · password: admincallcenter123

The following prototype is for regular screen size (desktop computer), the actions will be shown inside a blue square.

Great, don't you think? To get a Call center like this for your Business, submit the following form.
The Call Center will open you a new window of opportunity to engage new clients and increase your sales.
The Call Center is seamlessly connected to all of your Ordering environment, your data is synced, don't do double the effort.
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