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GPRS/SMS Remote Printer Connection

Get the order to the kitchen instantly

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So, what are you waiting for, get your GPRS/SMS Printer working today!

There are a lot of printer providers & prices start at about $80 USD per printer. Another business idea would be
to resell these printers to your affiliated businesses, in the end, that’s your call, it depends on your business plan.


You can check some more info on:

Start improving the way you manage your orders
Yes, your installation will be delivered in less than 24 hours

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We can integrate your own model of printer, no matter which one is it.

A technology used by Justest and similar big players on the online food Ordering Market.
This integration allows a two-way confirmation; this means that the restaurant or business receives the order and the printer starts beeping announcing the order, then the store can confirm or reject directly by pressing a button. This will then change the status of the order on your Dashboard and send an email to the user with the order confirmation and delivery time, amazing! Right?

We can integrate our script as Just Eat functionality

1.- Customer orders online
2.- Order transferred to the correct terminal restaurant “GSM style terminal to take payment, print all order details.
3.- Option for a restaurant to accept or refuse order before processing the transaction, even estimated delivery time can be configured.

Printers Integrated
We have printers integrated readily to use the software, and of course, if you need another GPRS
printer integrated we can help you with that of course only for $399.





GT5000 & Special





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