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Advanced Logistics

Delivery Automation for your business.

Advanced Delivery Settings · Logistics Feature

Set up parameters on which your orders will get assigned

In this advanced logistic feature, set up the way your orders are getting assigned to your drivers fleet, such as;
● Maximum time between orders.
● Maximum distance between business.
● Maximum distance between deliveries.
● Maximum time between business.
Learn More About Advanced Delivery Settings.
Advanced Logistics Person

Automate your process

Avoid the human mistakes and let that job to your intelligent and automated software with multiple predetermined configurations or create your own and most effective way to assign orders according to your business.

You can also, auto accept all of the incoming orders for your drivers this way no order will get lost and every delivery should be on time at the customer's places.

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Autoassign Settings for Advanced Delivery Settings · Logistics.

Drivers Group filtered by Payment Method.

Manage your drivers according to your business guidelines and objectives, if there's a group of drivers that shouldn't receive payment with cash create it this way
By creating one of these groups with the payment method "cash" only available, only the orders paid with cash will be assigned to them, none of the others will.
We call this smart ordering, automated and agile.

3rd Party Logistics Companies

Connect with any third-party company that you would like them to deliver your incoming orders.

Automate your delivery logistics processes even more.

- Auto-reject features for 3rd party companies.
- Automated 3rd party assignments if in-house is not available.
- Automated driver assignation.

For this new function, it is very important to have the support of a developer and to have knowledge of API documentation.

View API Documentation

If you need help from us, we charge only $99usd per company integration.


⚠️Remember that you must have one of our startup packages before getting this Advanced Logistics⚠️




✔︎ Included 1000 Orders/Month.
✔︎ Unlimited number of Drivers.
✔︎ Additional Order·$0.09/Order.

Logo2 (2)-min

✔︎ Included 2000 Orders/Month.
✔︎ Unlimited number of Drivers.
✔︎ Additional Order·$0.09/Order.

Logo3 (2)-min

✔︎ Included 5000 Orders/Month.
✔︎ Unlimited number of Drivers.
✔︎ Additional Order·$0.09/Order.

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