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Orders Dashboard.

High Technology for business owners to be focused on delivering each and every order on time and with the best customer experience.

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Status Updates

Drivers Tracking

Real-Time Updates

Messaging Features

Simple, Yet Powerful Orders Panel.

Every single status change on your orders is updated on one screen; avoid spending a lot of time; customers love clarity.

All the required information for your business owners to do their work is shown in a clear and straightforward panel.


Real-time Updates · Sockets rock.

The technology implemented on this new react product allows every party involved to see the status changes, messages, check on drivers location, everything in real-time.

This tech is called sockets.


Play with our Orders Dashboard Demo.
Log in with these credentials; project: demo · email: · password: super.

React Orders Manager Demo

Communication is Key.

Just like WhatsApp does it.

Your customers, drivers, and business owners can communicate with each other. instantly.

Share images, text, updates on each order. 


Keep an Eye on each delivery.

With an eagle view, intuitive panel, and quick action buttons, everything will be under control all the time.

Push Notifications on every incoming order; it's also here for your business owners.

Get this installed just by upgrading your product, this is free, learn more in our documentation.

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