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Promo slider for Ordering App.

Show all the promotions and offers you have available in a styled and simple way and sell more.

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Promo-Slider-Banners-2-min (2)

Unlimited Banners to be added.

Correct, as you read, with this power-up you'll be able to add as many promotional banners inside your slider as you require.

Make sure to create a good banner to catch the attention of your customer and get more sales.

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Simple Setup, directly from your Ordering Editor.

1.- Upload the Banner Image
2.- Select the Promo Type (Product or Business)
3.- Link or Store

Once this set up is done, the changes will get reflected instantly in your business listing.

Explore Setup Documentation

Get this Power-up Installed in 48 hours
Available for Ordering App (ionic) iOS & Android.
$299 One Time Payment
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