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Here is Alonso, Co-Founder of, and today I would like to explain why we switched to a lifetime product ownership and order-based model with no limitations on expiration.

What is lifetime ownership?

We want to offer you the opportunity to purchase the license of your products with one time payments to use Ordering's technology for the rest of your life. 

Yes, you will own the license for the technology in the same way that you own a car, let's say a Tesla Model S from the year 2021 (my favorite example). 🚗

So you could use the system this year, and the following year, and every year afterward. 

Why have we introduced this change? 

We have noticed that startups and small to medium businesses have the following wishes:

● They want to have full ownership of a product license.

● Avoid fixed costs in the long run if they are not operating.

● Guarantee their operation without causing any charge. 

● No charge if they need to pause, delay or cancel the launch of the project for delivery.

● Make the lifetime license an asset to increase the value of the company.

● Make the lifetime license an investment to increase the interest of investors.

Ordering | World Map Background

Why do we need to charge for orders?

We need to pay scalable costs for Amazon Web Servers. Startups start small, and they with very few orders per month. 

Eventually, they turn and become huge players and also have hundreds of millions of users. Therefore, we must increase our server capacities. A way to finance the exponential growth of startups is by charging reasonably for use and no charges when the servers are not overloaded.

We offer personal human support forever.

Human, like you and me! We need to cover our monthly expenses, and we achieve this with our incoming payments, also called salaries. 
Ordering pays salaries to the whole Ordering Team (employees), and we can only do this forever and through the time by also getting incoming payments from our customers, you. 

How did we solve this problem?

Let's continue with our analogy from before.

You need to charge the battery of your car 🚗 (or your system with orders in this case) 

We will also offer a package of orders for you to run your system. 
For example: When you own a Tesla Model S, you need to pay for electricity to charge it, so you can use and drive the car, right? 

Well, same here with your system and the orders.

For example:

As little as 0.03 USD per order when buying a package of 300 000 orders, or a different price if you need to lower volumes of orders.

You pay as you go. When your credit for orders is empty, you can recharge.


● You pay only when you are operating in real life (making money)

● No operation = No extra costs

● Pay as you go

● Pay as you grow

I hope that my explanations make sense so you can see that Ordering tries very hard always to adapt to our customers dynamically. 

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