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VIP Business Services

Get specialized guidance through the process until you launch, hand-to-hand with an Ordering Specialist.

What is this?

On this service, you'll get assigned a special account manager for your projects which will give VIP service over Skype, WhatsApp, and ASANA with at least one response within 24hours (Mon-Fri) for easier and faster communication with our team.

Custom Work Management platform for teams to keep focus and achieve goals with daily tasks.
Business growth is imminent.
In over $3,000USD Projects
Human interaction on Skype, guidance, and understanding of the next milestones to complete.
Emergency Only
Fast · Simple · Secure
Keep in touch with your agent for updates, ideas, releases, progress, and much more.
Emergency Only


In Ordering, we make sure our VIP customers get VIP service, meaning you’ll get constant communication until your project is completed.

Customer who made it with this service

Burger King Cyprus
Pizza · Hamburger Delivery
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Delivery Freight Logistics
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Start with this VIP Service in no time and get your business running.

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Private meeting with an Ordering Hero