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Laundry Solution · Power Up Project

Provide all your customers the best Laundry Service. The dirty clothes situation will be solved.

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Take a look at our prototype to understand how this will work once installed on your platform.

Hence this is a custom project the prices might vary from the available packages on the pricing page, make sure to book a call with an Expert for more information. 



Pick up and Drop Off

As a laundry service, the most important feature your platform must have is an excellent service, that's why we've created in the custom project the option for the customers to select a pick-up location and delivery location.

For example, if you are in your parent's house, but your clothes are in another place; Pick them up on 5th av. and deliver them on the 10th av. which is my house.

Crystal Clear

How will this Laundry Service platform work?

See Ordering Web Laundry Prototype
Grupo 4762 (7)

The customer will order from your Website or Ordering App. 

Grupo 4762 (8)

Manage the incoming order from your Business App, Dashboard, or Delivery Dashboard, you won’t lose anything.

Grupo 4762 (9)

According to your customer’s specifications, complete the order. Perhaps the customer will choose delivery service to their door or get to the store later for pickup.

Build Laundry Apps


Don’t lose any customer, get your Apps for iOS & Android ready to provide the best ordering experience on the device, use all the technology we have.


Native Apps

Your customers will get notifications every time an order status is changed, this way they will feel relaxed knowing the goods are on their way.
Laundry App Prototype
Group 38012

Management Control

Delivery & Business App here ready for you to start the delivery process today. These are included in all packages.
Make sure to give your Installation both Delivery & Business App ready to work, this way the delivery management process will be under control.

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