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Stripe Connect

The perfect payment gateway for platforms.

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Used by the biggest companies

Take control of your payments TODAY

Focus on your users, leave the rest to Stripe Connect
With the full automation, your Ordering system will split payments to pay you and your businesses automatically.
You can customize how much percentage or fixed rate you charge per order for each business. Automate your payment routing, compliance and much more. Stripe Connect is the perfect fit for your finances.

Easy Set up

To integrate Stripe Connect with your Ordering Platform, all you need to do is add the credentials that Stripe gives you, this can be done with easy access that you find in your Ordering Editor.
Each business can simply sign in with their stripe credentials, also, thanks to how our integration is done, your businesses can even create a new stripe account. Stripe takes care of all the account activation for them. The easiest the better.
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Save Credit Cards once, allow payments on any business

Now with our new feature for saving cards just once in Stripe Connect, your customers won’t get annoyed by sharing the credit card details over and over again, now it’ll be just once. They will be thrilled to purchase from your Website or Apps over and over again.
We have discovered that retention increases by up to 80% with this feature.
Available for your Ordering Website & Ordering Apps (iOS & Android)

Powerful and effective Payment Routing

Stripe has taken care of all the paperwork, time transfers with local cutoffs, and failed transfers.


Automated Payment Process

With Stripe connect integrations, stop worrying about payment due dates, those tasks are over, automate the process by assigning Fixed Fees or Percentage Fees for each party involved in the process and let Stripe take care of the rest.

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