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Real Time Tracking

Follow your order all the way until the product or service is in your place.

Eagle Eye
Customers & administrators are able to follow the order in a map in real time, this way the delivery control will be perfect.
For Website & Mobile Devices (Total Sync)
Get your phone, your tablet, iPad, anything you have mobile, and follow the driver even in the kitchen, when it's close you'll get a notification, make sure to go for the food in your door.

See How The Real Time Tracking Works On Delivery Dashboard
See How The Real Time Tracking Works On Website & App →
See How The Real Time Tracking Works On Business App →
On your Delivery Dashboard
Click on the order and start following the driver on the map, all the Ordering products are in total sync, see the status on each order and keep track on the driver.
On your Ordering Website & Apps too
All the parties involved in that specific order are able to see where the driver is at the moment on the map in Real time

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