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Create your Online Ordering Website & Apps with Ordering Builder.

Customize all your ordering products with just a few clicks, even test the Apps before uploading them to the stores.

Are you ready to get this?

The Ordering Builder is included in all packages.

Products inside your Builder.

Use Ordering Builder to customize the Ordering products you have acquired. Easily modify the looks of your site & make it your own.

Easy Design
You have the chance to change color, images, font & much more aspects of all your products easily.
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QR for Apps
Whenever you want to test your Apps, just read the QR codes & that’s it, easy, peasy.
3rd Party Integration
If you want to integrate any app inside your Website or Apps, you can do that with just a few clicks.
Customize further
If you want, you can also get deeper with some coding, find all the files of your website & app looks in one place.

Change images in seconds

Your apps & website builder also gives you the chance to change the design of your Apps in just a few clicks; this way, decide the image you want to show that day and update the apps & websites. Done!

Any Image

According to the size the website & app builder specifies, select your best design for the Apps & Website.


Change the images as many times as needed at no cost; have fun.

Need some coding? Developers section is for you.


Unlimited Custom

Download all the files that you need, edit them, and upload them back again as many times as needed.

Code Language

Inside you’ll find HTML, CSS & JS files, modify them according to your needs.

QR code - easy testing

Within your Ordering Builder, you will find at the last step 2 QR codes, one for Android & one for iOS. All you have to do is read them and try the Apps on your device.

Time saver technology is here with Ordering.
Are you ready to increase your income?
If you have any questions, contact us, we are happy to help you.