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For Startups

Start your marketplace in a few steps with the best tech.
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For Grocery Stores

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For Food Franchises

Handle multiple locations simultaneously with a scalable and reliable technology.
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For Cloud Kitchens

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For Enterprise

Tailor-made cost-effective e-commerce solution that's built for your growth.
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Build your Driver App 2.0 to manage your deliveries efficiently!

Delivery done right, follow routes, quick chat, get proof of delivery, real-time driver tracking, and more.

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Branded, useful, fast & straightforward driver's app, stay on the road.

For iOS & Android, every driver will get their account.

Delivery App | Drivers App | Question Icon

What is it?

Our Driver Delivery App will help your drivers to manage all of their incoming deliveries.
"Accept" or "Reject" within just a few taps from the App. "Accept" or "Reject" every status change is sent to customers via email and push notification.
Delivery App | Drivers App |  Resume Icon

Edit profile details.

Like changing his/her name, email, password, phone number, vehicle name and also set the driver as available or not to receive orders for delivery.

Delivery App | Drivers App |  Settings Icon
General Settings

Enabling/Disabling push notifications, setting the preferred language, changing the current position, and changing the time format.

Delivery App | Drivers App |  Support Icon


Allow any driver to contact your support for any urgent, emergency help assistance by a single click on the "Support" button from the delivery app.

Delivery App | Drivers App |  On-Off Icon

Sign Off

It helps your driver to log out from the App using the "Logout" button smoothly.


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Live Demos


Follow the route and deliver

Delivery App | Drivers App |  Notification Grey Icon

Order Assigned
The driver gets a push notification when there's an order assigned.

Delivery App | Drivers App |  List Grey Icon

Accept Order
After seeing the order's details, accept it to start the delivery.

Delivery App | Drivers App |  Search Grey Icon

Delivery Time
Set up how long the delivery time will take; the customer and business owner will receive this notification.

Delivery App | Drivers App |  Geolocation Grey Icon

Pick-up Order
Once the order is in your hands, click the “Pick up Completed” button now, follow the route and finish the order.

Delivery App | Drivers App |  App Check Grey Icon

Order Completed
Finish the order now, get the proof of delivery if required, and rate your customers; this will give your administrator more delivery insight.

Delivery App | Drivers App |  App Screens


Smart delivery

Allow your driver to take notes in each order, maybe for the extra info.

Take pictures or choose any photo. You might need it later, you’ll see.
If needed, allow your drivers to get signatures from each customer.

iOS & Android

Get your Apps in both Google Play & App Store. Of course, this way, the customers can download them and start ordering from them, we got you covered.

With all the technology created, download only the IPA & APK files and upload them to the stores.

Delivery App | Drivers App |  Download on AppStore
Delivery App | Drivers App |  Download on Google Play
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Delivery App Development & Delivery Dashboard in Total Sync

Delivery has never been this easy, Auto-Assignment to the closest driver.


Are you ready to improve your Delivery & Logistics operations?

Download our PDF with the full Driver App 2.0 documentation.