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Business App to manage your business remotely.

With your Business App Development, no order will get missed; all the rules will be delivered on time, even adding products from wherever you are. We call that smart business.

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Get up from your desk, mobile management is here

For iOS & Android, get them in your stores and let them do the rest.


What is it?

Our Business App Creator helps each of your business owners to manage and take total control of all their incoming business orders with just a few clicks from the App. It allows you to "Accept" or "Reject" any new orders, sending the confirmation to your customer by email and push notification.
Push Notification
On every incoming order, your App will send a notification to the registered business owner from each store. No order will get missed.
iOS & Android
Compatible Apps for the two most-viewed app stores, get them there, and start selling. All tablets are supported for this App too.
Product Edition
Perfect if you are away from the laptop. Open your App and start editing certain products or even disable them.
list (4)
Order Status
All the orders will get listed in the category of their current status, such as Pending, Progress, and Doing; this way, you have total control.

Are you ready to try our Business App Builder?

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Manage all incoming orders easily

Receive Push Notifications on every incoming order in your devices.
Accept or Reject the orders according to your business requirements.
After accepting the order, set up a delivery time, your customers will get a notification with this info.
helmet (1)
Select a driver to deliver this order, of course; only the available drivers will show in the list and one order at a time. This way, every order will get delivered on time.
Follow the driver in the map in real time, make sure the orders get delivered.
notification (5)
Smart follow up on delivery, get a single notification on every order status change until the orders are complete.

Manage stores & products with only a few taps

Grupo 602
Sidebar to manage certain aspects of your business.
Grupo 603
Choose between all your stores to start editing products.
Grupo 624
Your product list will show, choose what you need to edit.
Grupo 637
Change pictures
Change pictures and all the information in just a few taps.

iOS & Android

Apps in both Google Play & App Store. Of course, this way, the customers can download them and start ordering from them, we got you covered.

With all the technology created, download only the IPA & APK files and upload them in the stores.

Keep growing your business tech wise only with the best.

Typography, spacing, and all elements fit together perfectly for a great aesthetic sense and feeling.

Are you ready to increase your income?

If you have any questions, contact us, we are happy to help you

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