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Online Ordering System, Delivery Apps Builder & Dashboard Development.

Perfect for one store or full marketplace business.
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Ordering Editor

Only the best technology, along with all of our experience, we have built the most straightforward & reliable administration tool.

Easily manage your business orders, change the content of your site, responsive website, or native apps. Everything available from one place.

Ordering Editor Features 

Ordering Website Development

Get the best responsive website for “One-store-based” or “Multiple-store-based,” wholly flexible, and well synchronized.

Enable your customers to search by zip code, geolocation, or any other term you need. Completely customizable with your name, logo, domain, and your brand. No coding needed!
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Ordering App for your customers to order.

Give your users/customers a multi-store App, available to download from the App Store or Google Play.
Make sure you order all of your products/items from your iOS & Android App. Create your native apps with your name, brand, logo, and unique looks. No coding needed!

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Ordering Pro2-min

Enterprise Native Apps.

Give your users/customers a multi-store Native App, available to download from the AppStore on iPhone (Google Play Coming Soon).
Just like the big companies, give your customers an app with the best performance there is, entirely native for iOS, try it today on iOS.
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Ordering Native Enterprise App

Business App for order control.

With this native app for iOS and Android, give your business owners the ability to manage all incoming orders in just a few taps.

They can easily “Accept & Reject” orders with a single touch. Also, it enables them to check the route for delivery and even close the store. Everything can be readily available, only by using a tablet or from any smartphone.

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Delivery App for your fleet.

Now you can easily manage each of your drivers with a native app for iOS or Android, assign orders for delivery, let them set estimated times for delivery, and pick up or even reject orders with comments.

Also, let them check the fastest route for delivery and much more. The best and the perfect dispatch system and driver management app that you can have!

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Delivery Dashboard

Improve the way you deliver using one dashboard.
Control all of your incoming orders by assigning the right driver by looking at them on the live map! Also, it will help you to “Accept / Reject” orders for delivery, show you the “Order Detail” & much more! Try it out to know more.

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Single Business Ordering App

Allow each of your businesses to have their branded iOS and Android App. Increase their productivity for your marketplace and give them a fully dedicated native app with their store brand.
Useful, clean & elegant.
The best way is to do an independent venue or even for resellers. You’ll love it!

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Ordering API

If you’re a developer, we’re sure you’re going to love our API since it enables you to build on top of our products with your design.
It also allows you to customize anything you want and even create your features. Hence, if you have big plans, then we can gladly say that we have a great solution ready for you! Use our fully documented API for your next project. 
Your imagination is the limit.

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Ordering Widget

Integrate your Ordering Website on any website that you like.
All you need to do is grab your Ordering Website code. For example, for those sites that have their website, you can integrate the Ordering Technology and allow them to order with just a few clicks.

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Ordering Builder

Get the best option to create native apps for iOS and Android devices with no coding skills. Not only that, but you can also “Upload any splash screen” & “Logo” to make your app look elegant & unique within minutes.
No developer skills are required to operate this incredible tool.

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Changing and improving online ordering since 2012
Happy Ordering!

We specialize in online ordering by offering solutions that can be easily used by non-developers and developers.

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