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Restaurants / Businesses according to location
Each store will have their delivery zones according to that location. If the customer is near the store, a pop-up will show in the business listing, allowing customers to order with a few clicks.

With the power of Google Maps, your customer will proceed to order easily by:
Input Address or Zip Code
Use Automatic Geolocation
Browse Businesses by Location (List & Map)

Single Stores with Page URL

Give your customer the ability to have their Store with a Single Web option.
Menu + Ordering
(Verify user address for delivery)
You can also integrate your solution anywhere you like with the Widget Option.
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Do you have a Pizza place or a restaurant with products that have sub-options, like more toppings?

This is the feature that you have to get, make sure to take a deeper look at this advanced product options and start today.

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Keep Full Revenue

We don’t take a single penny, all the revenue you make through your site is 100% Yours.

Ordering App & Single Business Ordering App
Allow your full platform or every single store to have their Apps, the app that will be able to be downloaded via Apple & Google Play Store
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Ordering Pro2-min
Enterprise Native Apps.
Give your users/customers a multi-store Native App, available to download from the AppStore on iPhone (Google Play Coming Soon).
Just like the big companies, give your customers an app with the best performance there is, entirely native for iOS, try it today on iOS.
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Ordering Native Enterprise App
Ordering Kiosk
Imagine allowing the chance for your customers to order avoiding any contact with your personal inside the store, this might sounds rude, however, statistically 7 out of 10 people like this method more than the conventional Ordering.
Do you want to know how to get this kind of technology?
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Ordering Call Center
Have you noticed a lot of the people still uses the phone to order? Imagine getting all those order via the phone in an easy-to-use and seamlessly platform, well, you can now do it with this technology.

Get all the incoming orders from your marketplace in one controlled environment.
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Every day improving with more useful tools for your success.

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