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Ordering Platform

Start selling your business with specialized ordering e-commerce Website & Apps.

Delivery Platform

Keep track of every detail during the delivery process and automate it easily.

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🍔Food · Restaurant

Perfect for burger places, pizzas, tacos, Chinese, Italian and many more kinds of food places.

👔Laundry Services

Create the best laundry provider around your block and expand as you go.

📦Courier Services

Cover a full country with the most efficient courier service, Apps and Website.

🛒Grocery Stores

Bring the goods at the customer doors in just a few clicks with the highest tech.


Control deliveries, assign operators to new orders, keep track of every single detail of the operation.


100% ready for any kind of business that quickly fulfills customer needs.

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We can create any custom project of any size for your company.

Developer Experts, Project Managers and Advanced Technology 100% ready to put your project into work.

Did you know that...?
According to Burson-Marsteller’s the Aspen Institute 24on demand economy survey:

Americans, which is 42% of the adult population have used an on-demand service.
Americans, which is 22% of the adult population have offered services in on-demand service.
Of those who offered services in the on-demand economy admitted that their financial situation has improved in the past year.
Of those who offer on-demand services hope that their financial situation will improve in the coming year.
Of people offering services for startups in the on-demand economy are under 35 years of age.
Of people who have used or provided an on-demand service live in urban areas.

Do you want to be part of this imminent growth? We do.

This is how your on demand platform will get done

↓ Step-By-Step Explanation ↓


1. Analysis and Planning

Basically, we are going to do what you need us to do, back & fort until the project is 100% confirmed by us and you, there might be a few things that with our experience can be improved and we will recommend it of course.

2. Budget and Schedule

Based on the size of the project and the previos analysis and planning we are going to assign an amount of development hours and a delivery date.
Average Development cost $100-$200
Ordering's Development Cost $79USD/hr ✅

3. Get in to action

According to the last 2 steps we already have the how and what we are going to create for you, now is time to program it.
You are going to be updated on every detail of your custom project in the process until it's finished.

4. Project Delivery 🚀

Now that you have in your hands your custom project, is time to work. Keep on growing 

Your agent will keep track on you as business grows, further on there might be some changes or improvements that you will get, and we are going to be more than ready to create them too.


Only the best for your Custom Project

Fully Branded 
Nobody needs to know is us in the background.
cloud On-min
Enterprise Hosting
Amazon Web Services is going to support you.
Check server status
Grupo 5515-min
Support & Contact
As long as you need help, we are here for you.
100% of our customers get answers in less than 72hours.
Custom Project Experts
We already handle multi-national companies with over 50k daily orders.
We are sure that we can work with any challenge.
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