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Specialized Courier Solution · Power Up Project

Delivery Apps on iOS & Android, Delivery Dashboard to control every delivery, instant messaging for communication, and much more.

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Check out this prototype and learn how this project will work once installed in your installation.

Hence this is a custom project the prices might vary from the available packages on the pricing page, make sure to book a call with an Expert for more information.
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Efficient communication = Happy customer.

Communicate between all the parties involved in the process with the messages feature.
- Push Notifications
- Quick Send Messaging
- Pictures, signatures, and notes can be added too.
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Eagle Eye View

Take a good look at every delivery that is being made at the moment in one single place on the Delivery Dashboard, assign drivers, check order details, and much more.
Check Delivery Dashboard

Smart and Efficient Courier Solution requires the best platform.

Our Delivery Dashboard, Delivery App & CMS are 100% ready for you.

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Allow your drivers to take notes in each order, maybe for the extra info.

Group 38260 (2)


Take pictures or choose any photo. You might need it later, you’ll see.

Group 38261 (2)

If needed, allow your drivers to get signatures from each customer.

Group 38709-1

Delivery App for your driver

Each of your drivers is able to download the App to receive orders, accept or reject deliveries, use the routing system, take photos, notes, pictures, and much more.
iOS & Android Apps
Check Delivery App

Total Courier Solution Control

CMS Ordering Editor and Business App to control every aspect of your platform.

Seamless and fully synchronized 

Each and every product used in your platform are connected, meaning that when you change one thing of any order, the other products will get informed about the change and the process continues.

The same signal on every channel.

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