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Contactless Delivery - Module (Pickup & Delivery)

Perfect for times where social-distance is vital to avoid any kind of contagiousness, or where the customers need these options.

Ordering Website & Ordering App · Delivery Option

In your Ordering Website & Apps, this option will show at the checkout after the delivery method, there's this option with multiple options of final delivery (at door or hands).

These are the options that show when the customer selects Delivery
- In-person delivery.
- Meet driver outside.
- No-contact / Leave order at my door. (Driver will ring the doorbell or knock three times).

These are the options that show when the customer selects Pickup

- At the restaurant counter.
- Outside the restaurant (Call us when you arrive right outside the entrance at this number: ### (business phone)).
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Ordering Business & Delivery App · Delivery and Pickup Option

The option that was selected by the customer will get shown in the Management and Delivery Apps, this way the business and drivers will know what to do with that order that is going to deliver.

Activate this power up in your account
To get this power-up purchase and get it installed in less than 72hrs, it has a cost of $99USD One Time Payment at this link Click Here.


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