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Ordering Platform

Start selling your business with specialized ordering e-commerce Website & Apps.

Delivery Platform

Keep track of every detail during the delivery process and automate it easily.

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🍔Food · Restaurant

Perfect for burger places, pizzas, tacos, Chinese, Italian and many more kinds of food places.

👔Laundry Services

Create the best laundry provider around your block and expand as you go.

📦Courier Services

Cover a full country with the most efficient courier service, Apps and Website.

🛒Grocery Stores

Bring the goods at the customer doors in just a few clicks with the highest tech.


Control deliveries, assign operators to new orders, keep track of every single detail of the operation.


100% ready for any kind of business that quickly fulfills customer needs.

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Tech Leader in Online Ordering, Delivery and Sales.

Technology Platform for On-Demand Businesses. Including Apps for Users, Store Owners, Administrators, Drivers for Real-time Tracking and more.

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Wondering what all these brands have in common? They all use Ordering.

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React Ordering Website.
Give your e-commerce website a new and styled look.
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Whatsapp Ordering Integration

Give your customers the chance to order using the most popular messaging application worldwide.

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 Get funds to grow your business.
Get started with any of our packages, pay for custom work to launch your project or fund other parts of your business.

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The Ultimate Customer Ordering with Native Apps Experience.

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Ordering Native Enterprise App-min


Call Center by Ordering.
Your customer's happiness is key to success.
Provide the best service around the block and beat the competition.

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Ordering Kiosk by Ordering.
Did you know that 7 out of 10 customers prefer not to be disturbed when ordering?
Get have the perfect tool to increase your sales.

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What is your company type?· Look at each class, select yours & start this journey.

Chat Live With Sales 💬
Focused on Growing Business
I am serious and committed to the budget, looking to work in this online business for at least one year.
My company is already running & receiving real orders.
Perfect for Small and Midsize Business Starting 
I want to have my online ordering website system and maybe ordering apps development.
I need technology for one or all of my stores in my city and country.
Development Agencies
Build on top of our solution 
I need a fully documented API  to take a look at, click here to see how integrations work.
I already have a developing team with which I am going to improve the ordering solution.
Expand as much as needed.
I am looking to grow gradually very often with my brand all over my world.
I have a budget, project planning, experience on the field, scalability. I only need the technology.
Focus on your growth; we got the tech.
I want a custom project, I have a budget for development, and I have a unique idea.
I want to use Ordering as a base platform to save time, money, and to develop or modify according to my requirements.

Focus on your growth, leave the tech & coding stuff to us.

With these features and products, give your business the boost to increase the income.

Icon Sell Online

How to · Sell Online

Start selling online with your Website in less than one day, all business types are supported with this platform, your Ordering Website & Apps are the perfect fit to show your marketplace or only one business.

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Delivery · Has never been this easy

Keep an eye on all the orders on the Delivery Dashboard, follow your driver's movements in real-time, and make sure everything runs smoothly.
Let your drivers follow the assigned route by google maps API and complete all deliveries on time.

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Grupo 4857-min
Icon Business

Business Management · In just a few clicks

With your Ordering CMS and with your Business App, control all incoming orders and aspects like menus, delivery zones, schedules, offers, discounts to say so in just a few clicks and real-time modifications.
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Start selling your products and services online with Website & Apps 

Ordering Pro2-min
Ordering Native PRO App · For PRO Businesses
Get started with the highest technology, enterprise-level Apps, these Apps are made on Android Studio and Swift environments, these means they get seamlessly connected on any Android and iOs device.
Only the best Customer experience for your market.

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Check this quick video to understand a bit more about this Enterprise App

Multi-store and Multi-channel E·Commerce & Delivery Platform.

Ordering | Home | Grey Card icon
Stripe & PayPal Gateways
Enable the most used payment gateways around the world.
PayPal & Stripe 100% ready.
Ordering | Home | Grey Hosting Icon
Amazon Hosting
We got you covered with the best servers in the world Amazon Web Services.
Ordering | Home | Grey Page Layout Icon
Fully customizable platform
Do simple changes in images, colors, texts, and if you need, make some changes by coding.
Ordering | Home | Grey Bag Icon
Launch faster · Save time
Platform ready: All you need to do is start uploading your stores & start selling.
We are giving everyone a chance to start selling online at affordable prices.

With customers all around the world, we make sure to cover every culture, service, product aspects, and language you need to provide you with the platform you deserve.
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Ordering is rated as excellent by hundreds of users.
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Suitable for any business.

Verticals for any product or service

Get your laundry, food, auto parts, groceries, or any business on Website & Apps.
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Looking for even more power?
100% ready for your business
Advanced Logistics.
Delivery automation for your business
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Advanced Product Options
Perfect for pizza places, combo menus & more.
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Start empowering your business with Ordering.
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