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For Startups

Start your marketplace in a few steps with the best tech.
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For Grocery Stores

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For Food Franchises

Handle multiple locations simultaneously with a scalable and reliable technology.
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For Cloud Kitchens

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For Enterprise

Tailor-made cost-effective e-commerce solution that's built for your growth.
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For Last-mile Delivery

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Ordering Dashboard

Your business best tool, control orders, stores, menus, drivers, users, reviews, marketing, reports, messages...

well... basically anything your business requires to grow.

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Control every incoming Orders

All of the orders made by customers will show on this straightforward screen; you can view all orders and perform certain change statuses or assign drivers, or click on each order and view full details.
View full details of everything happening in real-time regarding orders, in just a few clicks, change status in bulk also.
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Orders Manager-min

Key is the communication · Messages

Like WhatsApp, contact your businesses, drivers, or customers in just a few clicks and instantly. Sometimes, there is a situation where giving an easy way to contact, gives tremendous value to your business.
Chatting with someone to solve issues or get answers is always welcomed.

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Messages Feature-min

Add as many and any kind of Stores you like

Manage all of your stores on a single screen here; you'll see what stores you have available, disable them, view the rating on each, check how they are going in terms of rating.
Of course, you can see each business detail just by clicking on it.

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Business Listing-min

Users DataBase

One of the most essential characteristics of any significant business is its community; if you have an extensive database with many users, scale and growth become an easy task. Inside users, you'll find all the customers that have created an account inside your platform.
Also, here you can create super admin, business owners, and city managers, each of these user levels have specific permissions to work in your platform.

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User Profile-min

Business Intelligence

Just as its name mentions, the business intelligence module gives you all the information your business requires to create all the strategies that will help you grow
Based on pure statistics and reports, you'll be able to develop the next effective moves for your business.
Analytics · Reviews · Invoices · Reports

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Business Intelligence Advanced Reports-min

Delivery Module

Everything delivery/drivers-related it's right here.
Drivers, managers, delivery third-party companies, and delivery groups are right here to handle, create, edit, or delete them.
Create or connect as many as needed.

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Delivery Module Drivers-min

Even more power with settings

You'll find all the extra configurations your platform has to perform the best inside this module.
You'll see from editing the checkout in your platform, auto-assign settings, changing currency symbols, editing terms and conditions, changing pages of your footer, adding or deleting countries and cities, replacing every word in your whole platform, and much much more.

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Full Ordering Dashboard Guide

Find everything there's to know about your Dashboard.

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