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For Startups

Start your marketplace in a few steps with the best tech.
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For Grocery Stores

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For Food Franchises

Handle multiple locations simultaneously with a scalable and reliable technology.
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For Cloud Kitchens

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For Enterprise

Tailor-made cost-effective e-commerce solution that's built for your growth.
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For Last-mile Delivery

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Mobile Order & Pay

Give users the best ordering experience, let them use their own devices to order your products easily.

Innovate & grow every day.

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Available for Android & iOS


Flexible, and Simple.

Give your customers options to buy from your business; by covering most of the ways your customers are looking for, you'll get the first choice to pop in their heads.
● Pickup.
● Eat-in.
● Curbside.
● Drive-thru.

Easy-going Business Menu

Showcase all of your products in an elegant yet simple ordering screen, view all the categories available, and if there's any product sold out, your customers won't be able to select, however, they'll know it exists.
Also, if your products have any product option, like size, or different ingredients, it'll show in a easy to select screen.

Crystal Clear Information

Show your customers the items they are about to purchase, and on top of that make a last-mile upsell, activate this feature and you'll increase the revenue from each order one at a time.

Straightforward Checkout

Keep it simple for your customers to finish the order, give them the chance to select the payment method, double-check the order details, change anything quickly, and if they have a coupon, just add it, and apply it.

Cover all the Possibilities

Give your customers all the payment options necessary to avoid the friction to finish the order, you are just one step away to sell one more order.
Integrate with any payment gateway, currently, we have the most popular gateways ready for you:
● Cash & Terminal.
● Stripe.
● Paypal.
● Alipay.
● Ideal.
● BanContact.
● Giropay.

Keep Track in Every Movement

Every time the order changes status, your customers will receive a push notification right to their mobile device, until the order is completed.
Your whole ordering platform is seamlessly connected, this means the changes are made in real-time.

Communication is Key

If something changes during the waiting time of your customers, give them the chance to send the kitchen a message and keep providing the best experience.
Just like using WhatsApp.

Every Image Matters

Your Ordering Website & Native Ordering Apps, now support WEBP image format, which means that you are able to put one of the lightest image formats in the world.
Amazon Web Services for your platform is good, imagine now adding better performance with this, try it yourself.

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